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The storm is not yet over

JAMAICY BROOMES was a perfectly normal 17-year-old girl, focused on school and on the finer things of life. However, the young teen’s life changed drastically when she fell ill and was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease (ESRD), also known as kidney failure, in February 2019.

Broomes was in dire need of dialysis and an immediate kidney transplant and was appealing to the general public for assistance. Her appeals were heard, and the Management of Sheriff Security Services came across the post and offered to take full responsibility of her treatment, which is extremely expensive.

According to the young woman’s older sister, Keisha Curry, the family had made several posts to various social media websites, seeking assistance, and their appeals were answered by the Sheriff Security Services for which her sister and the rest of their family are grateful.

“The service has started and will continue issuing a monthly cheque to her treatment centre and in the future to take care of her dialysis,” she stated.
The teen’s sister further revealed that she opted to donate her kidney to her sister but was unable to do so since she was not a match.

“God knows, I pray for [her] every day and night I wanted to give [her] one of my kidneys but the doctors said I could not. This hurts me because your life hasn’t gone nowhere my dear little sister and I wanted you to have a chance at it,” she said in a Facebook post.
However, soon after the post went viral, a potential donor came forward who was a match. Things were looking bright for Broomes; however her entire life has been placed on hold due to the rapidly-spreading COVID-19 virus.

Broomes was scheduled for surgery soon after finding a donor. However, after news broke of the country’s first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus, the teen’s life, like many others, has been placed on hold.

According to the young lady’s older sister, doctors advised them to put a hold on the teen’s surgery, as she is already at risk and can be placed at an even higher risk, if they should follow through with a surgery during the current pandemic.

However, she is still continuing her dialysis treatment and hopes are that Broomes will be able to have her surgery done early next year.

Source: http://guyanachronicle.com/2020/04/30/the-storm-is-not-yet-over

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