Sheriff Recreational Shooting Range

Sheriff Security Services is pleased to introduce to the public, Guyana’s very first, indoor shooting range. The never before seen, state of the art shooting range, and kill house, will serve as a medium for tactical training of those persons employed as officers at Sheriff Security Services.

The indoor shooting range, located at Ruimveldt, will be a specialized facility designed for firearms qualifications, training or practice and will also cater to recreational shooters.

The range will comprise firing lines/lanes, shooting booths and targets as well as provide ballistic protection & safety controls. Shooting booths will provide shooters with a defined firing area in order to reduce potential hazard from misfires and ejected bullet cartridges from nearby shooters. These booths will be partitioned by concrete walls to provide shooters with the safety and privacy required when handling and firing weapons.

The targets used in the indoor shooting range will be paper sheets or pieces of corrugated cardboard with a printed target image on the sheet. The target carrier system will allow the safe and efficient transportation of the target and frame between the firing line and the target line, in both downrange and up-range directions.

Patrons will be permitted to walk with their own firearms. However, guns and ammunition will be provided to those who are without. Guns available will range from .32 shot guns, and .223 rifles to 9mm’s.

Members of the police force or military or even other security personnel are welcomed to utilize the range for training of their staff or officers.

Sheriff Security Services promises to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all customers at the indoor shooting range. These measures will include the issuing of breathalyzers before any person is allowed to handle a firearm and armed instructors will be present in each booth.